Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Homefront by Jessica Scott

Gale and Melanie married and became parents very young.
Gale is a military man. The military has always come first.
It was up to Melanie to raise their daughter, Jamie. She had
to figure it all out on her own. When Melanie has had enough,
they get a divorce. And now, years later, Gale is stationed
close to Jamie & Melanie. He has realized how much he
missed. What he gave up. The many things he can never
be a part of. Now comes the hard part. Trying to make a 
place for himself in the family. Little does he know, his
timing could not be more perfect.

"Let's pretend we just met."
"Gale, that's silly."
His hands tightened around hers. "Just hear

me out." She stilled beneath his touch. "Look, a
lot has changed. With you, with me. With Jamie.
But after the other night, I realized I was the
interloper. And that you were right. That I'd
waltzed right into your life and expected
everything to kind of fall into place because I
wanted it to." He looked down at their hands.
"That's not fair to you and everything you've
gone through. You've done a hell of a job with
Jamie, Mel." A slide of his thumb over her hand.
"But I want to get to know you again. I knew the
girl who used to jump into the quarry with me."
He cleared his throat. "I want to get to know
who you are now."

As always, with Jessica Scott, the characters are dimensional
and human. Not perfect. They struggle and they are faulty.
But her writing is always hopeful. The stories are deep and
emotional. I continue to look forward to the next book
coming from her.

Homefront is highly recommended reading.
I got an ARC from NetGalley. Simply because

I could not wait to read it!
My personal copy has been
Review by Lisa Hutson

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