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Meant for You --- Samantha Chase

Lady Celeste Interviews author Samantha Chase

LC: I loved the Alaska setting in Meant For You. It seemed like the perfect spot for a romantic hideaway. have you ever visited Alaska?

SC : Unfortunately, I have not. However, it is actually a dream vacation that my husband and I are planning so the timing worked out great for the research. It's one of those bucket list trips!

LC: Summer has many interests. Dog walking, yoga, hiking--are these things you like to do?

SC: Summer is way more outdoorsy than I am, I'm ashamed to say! I do enjoy some of the hobbies she does but, just the really scaled back versions. She's the woman I wish I could be.

LC: Zach and Gabriella---- Is there a book in the works for them?

SC: YES!! And I am super excited for it! It's actually written and in the first round of edits. You can expect to see it on the shelves this December and it's called THERE FOR YOU.
William Montgomery sets another one of his matchmaking plans in motion when he suggests that his niece Summer relocate to the company's Portland, Oregon office. Summer's father, Robert is not too thrilled with the idea at first but agrees to let his daughter learn more about the family business.

Meant For You is the fifth book in Samantha Chase's Montgomery series. It's a delightful, well crafted, character driven romance. I fell in love with the four main characters: Summer, her brother Zach, Zach's best friend Ethan and Gabriella, Zach's assistant in the first chapter.

The Portland office of Montgomery Enterprises is in turmoil. Company president Zach Montgomery is about to leave on a mountain climbing trip when he learns that his sister Summer has left Portland for a weekend getaway. Both Ethan and Gabriella remind Zach that he and Summer have been arguing non -stop about business and whether or not Zach should go on the mountain climbing trip. Zach, who refers to Summer as a "corporate Barbie", assumes the worst and suggests to Ethan and Gabriella that flighty Summer has gone away for the weekend with a boyfriend. Ethan offers to find Summer while Zach gets ready for his trip. Ethan locates Summer at a rustic retreat and discovers that her date is actually her puppy, a three month old pug named Maylene.

Ethan and Summer discuss Zach and the climbing trip:

"Most people go through life too scared to take a risk." he continued.

"I don't want to have any regrets and neither does Zach."

"Tell me that you understand. Would you be able to live with yourself if you never took any risks?"

"You're right Ethan." She said quietly. "Everyone needs to take risks."

"Exactly, I am glad that you agree."

"Oh, I do." She said right before she stood up on her toes, wrapped her arms around Ethan's neck and pressed her lips to his.

The kiss changes everything. Ethan realizes the depth of his feelings for Summer. He realizes that he has kept his feelings for Summer to himself for fear of not being good enough for her or her over protective family. Ethan decides not to go on the climbing trip with Zach and chooses to spend time in Alaska to sort through his feelings. Summer and Gabriella decide to vacation in Alaska as well.

I wondered if Gabriella was working on William's matching team as the three of them end up staying at the same resort. Gabriella encourages Summer to take a chance and explore her feelings towards Ethan.

Each one of the characters is appealing and I loved that the author had four strong lead characters in the book. The focus was on Summer and Ethan but each of the characters were well developed and played an important role in the story. I adored the character of Summer Montgomery. She is a warm friendly person who observes people and gets to know them on a personal level. This is an asset in a corporate environment which her older brother Zach chooses to ignore. Summer has many strengths and is trying to prove herself and find her place in the Montgomery family and in the family business. Zach is an independent risk taker who is used to being in charge. He dismisses Summer and her suggestions because she doesn't agree with him. Ethan is struggling to figure out who he is. Is he independent, a risk taker or just Zach's friend and follower? Gabriella is a fabulous character. She is smart, organized and a loyal friend.

Both the characters and the storylines in Meant For You held my interest. I read the book in two afternoons. The story was well paced, contained great dialogue and the romance was well written. I enjoyed the story, especially the ending where Summer surprised every male Montgomery! Yay!

Kudos to Samantha Chase for creating such a fabulous character!
Reviewed by Susan Gorman
ARC provided by Sourcebooks.
Graphic provided by Samantha Chase.


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