Monday, April 13, 2015

Return To You-- Samantha Chase

I am so glad that I found Samantha Chase's Montgomery series last month! Reading Return to You and Meant for You made me forget all about the snowy weather outside! In both novels,  the storylines are realistic and well-paced and the characters are believable and their emotions and actions are spot on. 

Second chance at love is my favorite romance genre. I love when a couple has the chance for a romantic do over. Who doesn't wonder if their first love was the one?

William Montgomery has decided to take on a big challenge in his new hobby as family matchmaker. William has a good idea of what transpired between his nephew James Montgomery and his girlfriend Selena Ainsley ten years ago. With the help of his nephew and Selena's friend Jen Lawsen, William has put a plan in motion to reunite his nephew with his first and only love.

Jen Lawsen works a bit of magic and sets the scene for James and Selena to meet. She convinces Selena to travel home to New York to help put on their tenth high school reunion. Jen stops by the police station and asks James for some advice as she is being harassed by an ex -boyfriend. While speaking to James, Jen mentions that Selena is coming to town to coordinate the reunion. 

Selena and James meet face -to -face after an attempted break in at Jen's home. Sparks fly and it's apparent that the couple has unresolved feelings for each other. Both characters have grown and changed in the ten years that they have been apart. Can this strong willed couple deal with their past and move towards a future together?

Samantha Chase has written an excellent story about young love, tragedy and forgiveness. Loved the strong willed heroine and her brooding hero. Ten years ago, a car accident impacted both Selena and James.  Ms. Chase  provides the reader with enough back story to understand what influenced James and Selena decisions at that time. Both the heroine and heroes perspectives are honestly presented during the course of the story. Loved the conversations between James and Selena as they sorted through the aftermath of the accident. Both of them were angry, hurt, devastated and expressed their feelings to each other. The emotional story line held my interest and I really wanted the couple to forgive each other.  I appreciated that the characters had to work for their happiness and learn to trust each other and their feelings. 

Was William Montgomery's plan to reunite James and Selena a success? Spend an afternoon with the Montgomery clan to see if William was able to find the perfect match for James!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

ARC provided by Sourcebooks.

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