Wednesday, May 6, 2015

While You Were Spying - Book Review

Book Review
Released 7 April 2015

This is the beginning to a new series by Shana Galen.

When she was young and everything seemed to be a
life ending crisis, Francesca found herself standing in the
middle of a ballroom all alone. Her partner had left her
there.  Just left her. It was humiliating. The feelings have
stuck with her.
Years later....Francesca finds herself talking to her long

ago dance partner. Much to her frustration, he does not
remember her at all.

She opened the door to the drawing room and glided inside.
Ethan ground his teeth, then watched as the girl
plodded after her mother.
His every instinct told him entering that room would be a
mistake. He'd be trapped, alone with the crazed,
Italian-squawking woman. He looked back along the
entryway toward the door.
The majordomo stepped behind him, cutting off his exit.
"My Lord." The man indicated the drawing room with a
graceful gesture.
Damn. Outmaneuvered, Ethan took a step forward. He
could almost feel the invisible silk strands tighten around him. 

Ethan, Marquess of Winterbourne, is deep in a mission.
He is on orders from the foreign office trying to uncover the
leaders of a smuggling ring. The last thing he needs is to
run into Francesca. But there they are. Ethan has no idea how
he got so trapped. He has put Francesca in a bad spot. So he
will protect her. All the while, falling more in love, becoming
more ensnared in her web.

Francesca and Ethan's story was so well rounded. The 

characters are funny, smart, tough. Both him and her!
I laughed more in this story than I have in a long time.
A lot of personality and a lot of story. Plus a lot of future

for this series.
Review by Lisa Hutson
I purchased a copy of this
story for my kindle.

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