Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Inside Out movie review

Inside Out 
Movie Review 

My granddaughter and I went to see this one on opening

weekend. I know. You think we were crazy, don't you? We expected crowds. 

We went to a theater with reserved seating. I avoid that theater

because aside from the seating, they are horrible. 

But we had our seats. They are the recliners. So off we went.

Of course, we were surrounded by families with young children. 

I know, you are waiting for me to grumble, aren't you? Nope, not a bit. 

It was fabulous! 

Kids never fail to amaze me. The story of Inside Out

is really rather complicated. But I noticed throughout the movie, 

the kids around us got it. They totally understood the story and 

what was happening. It was really wonderful to listen to them. 

But of course, when the movie was over, my granddaughter asks 

what was my favorite part and I hardly remember anything. 

So we "had" to go see it again. About a month after it came out. 

This time, I paid attention. And realized it was a fabulous movie. 

Just wonderful. For grown ups and kids. Really. There was humor

and story line for all ages. I highly recommend it for everyone. 

All the characters are fabulous. It surprised me when I

thought about it, that really,  these 5 feelings cover it all.

I think my favorite would be Joy.

Of course, she is the star of the show. 

But my favorite thing is the lesson she

taught me. Our lives can't be only happiness. We cannot

keep sadness out completely. Sadness has a place in us.

Oh and we saw it in 3D the first time. Don't waste your money.

It didn't make a big difference. Some movies, it's worth it. 

But not this one. 

Review by Lisa Hutson

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