Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back in the Game by Lori Wilde | Review

Kindle version review

Book one of the Stardust Texas series.
Rowdy is a hot, sexy guy as well as a great baseball player. He decides
in a fit of anger to write his life story. He hires Breeanne to be his ghostwriter.
Rowdy cant figure her out. He is attracted to her. But Breeanne is not his
typical woman. Breeanne is not anyones typical woman.

"She reached up, snatched her glasses from his hand, stuck them
on her face, sank delicate hands on her hips, and glared at him.
The look landed in his belly, unspooled, spread fresh heat,
switching his body into a five am bakery, all ovens turned on high.
Nothing like this had ever happened to him. Instant chemistry?
Yeah sure, plenty of times, but this was something else, something
indefinable, and mysterious. Something freakin' primal.
He wanted her."

She has grown up in hospitals. With a very supportive family
of parents and 3 sisters. Breeanne is finally ready to start
living like a normal 25 year old. Of course, she has no idea 
how to do that.
Between the two of them, its pretty clear neither knows 
how to handle the situation. 
As Breeanne encourages him to open up to her about his life,
he falls in love with her. Rowdy is trusting her.
 He is coming to terms with
the issues left over from his career. But Breeanne insists 
she is content to
have a physical relationship with him. She does not want anything
permanent. Rowdy realizes it would be his biggest mistake ever
to let Breeanne go. Rowdy also figures out he needs her families support,
if he is going to convince her to take a chance on him.
I have read and enjoyed Lori Wilde's stories before. Her writing is
fun and the characters are real. They always have plenty of romance.
Because this is the first in the series, you get to meet the family.
They are an interesting group. Like typical families, they are used to
Breeanne being the sickly one. Needing lots of physical attention. They
are learning that she is healthy now. And they must let her make her
own decisions, even if they will hurt.
Rowdy is just beginning to accept that his career is over. And he
has to move on. Without holding onto the anger and bitterness.
I recommend this story if you like family and small town romance
and maybe a little touch of magic.

Review by Lisa Hutson
I bought this kindle edition on Amazon

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