Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde book review

Kindle version review
Book two of the Stardust Texas series
Its been a year since a putz of a guy left Jodi Carlyle at the alter.
She has been getting counseling and it has helped. Now, Jodi's
sister is getting married, she has been working on her panic
attacks whenever she is near anything wedding related. Her
counselor advises her to ''crash'' the wedding of a stranger. Turns
out it isn't all that easy to do. When Jodi finds her opportunity,
she not only manages to get in, she also finds a handsome,
flirty, great guy.

Sooo.....since she is doing things for the first time like
crashing a wedding, how about a one night stand? Why not try
that out too?? This guy, he would be perfect.
Jodi does not share any personal information. But Jake Coronnado
is not easy to dissuade. He wants Jodi. And she wants him.
It is a night for the ages. But Jodi does not change her mind.
She is determined to move on. Did she enjoy that one night stand
with him? It seems impossible how much she did. But she tells herself
that she needs to just hold that memory close but keep going.

Of course, they meet again. Because that's just how fate works.
Turns out, Jake is the best man in Jodi's sisters wedding.
I enjoy Lori Wilde's writing. It's easy to tell she is a lover of romance.
She makes it easy reading. There is fun and worry. Upset and laughter.
There might even be a little magic. Because really, every love
story is magical. Ah, yes, magic.
Review written by Lisa Hutson
I won this kindle version.

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