Thursday, October 1, 2015

If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins-Audio Version

I listened to the audio version of this story. Starting there,
it has to be noted that the narration was fabulous. It's the
story of two sisters. In brilliant fashion, they used two
narrators, Xe Sands and Amy Rubinate. This only added
to the pleasure of listening. They did a terrific job.
Having read a number of Kristan Higgins stories, I have
to start out saying, this one took her out of her own
comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, I love her comfort
zone. Her comfort zone is often my comfort zone.

 But this story strayed off from her normal style. At least,
it did for me. This is harder real life. The real life that
we normal people live. With deceit and anger. Not sure who
to trust. Low self esteem. Then, of course, you have your
sister. The one person on the planet you can share
everything with. Everything. The person you are always
sure it doing better than you are. The person you want to be
more like. Only of course, you find out their life isn't all you
thought it was. There is Kristans beautiful comedy too. You will
laugh as well as cry and worry.

This story took me up, down and all around. There
were moments that you could not figure out what she is
thinking. And you could not wait to find out. Jenny and
Rachel have a very interesting mother. We all know
someone with a mother like this. We also know people
that stay friendly with their ex husband. Everyone knows
that some people have the perfect marriage.
And then, none of it is true or good after all.
I highly recommend this story and especially in
the audio version. Such great writing
from Kristan Higgins to send off to the
fabulous narrators.

  And I will never look at a tree the same.
This review written by Lisa Hutson.
I bought the paperback and 
audio versions of this story.


  1. I love this review Lisa, it is great to hear that you enjoyed the book as well as the narration.


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