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The Seduction of Lord Stone--The Dashing Widows Book One -- by AnnaCampbell.

Anna Campbell introduces the Dashing Widows; Lady Caroline Beaumont, Lady Fenella Deerham and Helena, Countess of Crewe in her new novella The Seduction of Lord Stone. The friends make plans to have fun, drink champagne and flirt with handsome men when their mourning period ends. They want to be dashing widows, not secluded woman. Caroline is  looking forward to her new life.  She has no plans to remarry, in fact she is planning on having an affair.

"Silas, I've been thinking about our conversation last night."

So, devil take her, had he."You've reconsidered taking a lover?"

A faint frown appeared between her brows. "No, of course not."

"Oh," he said glumly.

"This isn't a whim. I've thought long and hard about my plans." It was her turn to sound glum."The world leaves widows a lot of time to think. I've had more than a year to mull over my intentions."

He'd spent a year mulling his intentions, too. He'd been planning a journey down the aisle. She'd been planning a progress from one lucky sod's bed to the next. The most galling element was that she seemed ready to consider any fool in London as a potential lover. Except for one Silas Nash.

It was enough to drive a fellow stark, staring mad.
The Seduction of Lord Stone is a fabulous friends to lovers story. Loved Caroline and her hero Lord Stone, Silas Nash. Silas is Helena's brother and he has been waiting for Caroline to finish mourning her husband. He is in love with her. There is one slight problem, Silas is Caroline's trusted friend. She doesn't  see him as a lover.

Anna Campbell is known for her well crafted characters and intricately woven story lines. I loved that Caroline asks Silas for advice in choosing her lover.  The banter between Caroline and Silas is fabulous and laugh out loud funny especially when she asks Silas detailed questions about each one of his friends. I felt so bad for Silas!  His replies to Caroline's questions were hilarious!!  Silas wasn't going to let Caroline become involved with any of his friends!! Caroline considered all of Silas' friends as potential lovers and never thought of him! I enjoyed that the author chose to have Silas go to great lengths to convince Caroline that he loved her as it made the reader root for their romance to happen! 

Anna Campbell is one of my favorite authors because her stories are filled with lots of humor and romance. I read this novella in one day. I was invested in the couple's story, loved their back and forth banter and enjoyed how their romance evolved. It's a perfect read for a cozy fall evening. I am looking forward to the next novel in the series.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman
Book provided by Anna Campbell 
Quote Card provided by Possum Wranglers Anonymous

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