Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beautiful Storm by Barbara Freethy

Beautiful Storm
by Barbara Freethy
Audio version

Beautiful Storm is book one of the
Lightning Strikes trilogy.
Alicia Monroe is a photographer. She takes pictures
for the news to make a living. But she is drawn to
photographing lightning. It has gotten her into
trouble more than once. But it calls to her and she goes.

 One night, she spots something in the split
second that the lighting flashes. That very
quick image sets off a chain of events for Alicia.
She meets the star suspect in a missing person case.
The story unwinds and presents one mystery after
another. How can Alicia know who to trust? How
deep does she delve into this case? It gets more
dangerous by the day. More and more people that
seem to have too many secrets.
I have not read a lot of Barbara Freethy.
I think only one other.
So I wasn't sure what to expect. But it kept me
interested and curious. I recommend the audio version
of this well done mystery romance.
Eva Kaminsky did a very good job on
the narration.
This review by Lisa Hutson

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