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A Gentleman for all Seasons | Review

A Gentleman For All Seasons

If you have not read any of these ladies works
before, this is an excellent way to get the feel of them.
Four wonderful short stories. Set in the small quiet town
of Hemshawe. Quiet until Georgie and her brother,
Bartram take over a house for a time. Bartram has his
own reasons for choosing this house. Which is the
starting point for all the romance that continues
to explode.

 Adam Sturridge and Belinda Leonard are the
first couple to crumble under the weight of Georgie and
her matchmaking skills. Madness in Spring is the story
from Kate Noble. When two people have known each
other for the most of their lives, it can be hard to
get past the childhood memories. Kate did a wonderful
job bringing these two characters together. I am sure
they must have fought her all the way.

The next story is Summer of Wine and Scandal by
Shana Galen. Caroline has a big secret in her past.
But Peregrine Lochley knows nothing of her secret.
He only knows his carriage is trapped in the mud and
he has no idea how to get it out. Lochley is lucky enough
that Caroline happens by. While Lochley is a wine
expert, Caro is the scandal. This is a story about 
being brave. Following your heart. Shana's writing
was a reminder to always get both sides of the story.
Theresa Romain adds a story called Those Autumn Nights.
This story explains why Bertram Gage rented the house
that he did. Everyone has had a moment when someone
made them feel unworthy. Not good enough. But as
humans, we always want to show them that we are
worthy. We all need to learn the less of following our
heart. But we also need to learn forgiveness.
Perhaps the hardest lesson of all. Thank goodness
Eliza Greenleaf comes along to help with quarter day.
Theresa was full of kindness and forgiveness in her story.

Then the final story of Gentleman for all Seasons is
The Season for Loving by Vanessa Kelly.
Georgie  Gage (matchmaker professional) and
Fergus Hadden (happily single) find themselves
thrown together at a house party in the home of
Bertram and Eliza Gage. Both of them simply want to
live their lives as they wish. With no help from those
that care about them. But in the end, Vanessa's story
is of romance. Cupids arrow finding his target.

It is happily ever after for all.
Even those living not quite in Scotland.

I enjoyed this anthology. Surprisingly, all four stories.
It's not often that happens. I suppose the fun and
interesting characters all joining together make
the stories easy to read and enjoy. 

Review by Lisa Hutson   


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