Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Color of the Season by Julianne MacLean

The Color of the Season
by Julianne MacLean
Audio version

This is book 8 of the Color of Heaven series.
I have been reading Julianne MacLean for so long.
Starting with her historical romance.
I have always liked her writing.
That includes this series.
The books in this series connect, one to the next
and then on in the stories. But, each one is easily
a stand alone story. They are inspirational, emotional
and thoughtful.
The Color of the Season is the story of Josh Wallace. A policeman.
He is a good guy. That keeps finding the wrong women.
As you can imagine, he finally finds the right one. But
he sure does have to go through a lot to get to her.

Is he brave enough to follow? Can he help a family
from his childhood to find their way? Is the whole
thing a dream?
It's a story that will set you to thinking on your
own life choices. Actually, every story in this
series does that.
I recommend just that, the whole series.
The audio versions are so well done. They often
have more than one narrator when the story calls
for it. Which is the case for this one.
Graham Halstead and Jennifer O'Donnell
do the narration for The Color of the Season.
 All the narration is very good. Easy to listen to.

Review by Lisa Hutson


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