Friday, December 11, 2015

I'll Be There by Samantha Chase

'Oh my God. What happened to you?"

Those were the first words Gabriella uttered when she stepped into Zach's home the next day. He was covered in sweat and his hand was bleeding, and she noticed a harried-looking woman wearing scrubs scurrying around collecting things.

Zach glared at her and then at the woman in scrubs. "Good riddance!" he yelled as she walked out the door. It slammed behind her but Zach's eyes were instantly back on Gabriella's. "What the hell are you doing here?"

She kept her back to him for two reasons-one, she needed a moment to compose herself. In all the years she had worked for Zach, Gabriella had never seen him look like this--ragged, almost dirty. Defeated. And two, she was waiting him out to see how long it was going to take for him to start throwing his weight around in an attempt to make her leave.

She had the patience of a saint and nothing else to do today. The ball was in his court.
Her confidence was boosted by the mere fact that they had played this game dozens of times of times in the office, and she was always able to outwit him. Zach hated silence just as much as he hated when people didn't do exactly what he wanted when he wanted.

She'd missed this. And him. 

Zach Montgomery was severely injured in a mountain climbing fall. Zach has returned home to recuperate and is refusing help from his family. He's fired dozens of home health aides and his company Montgomery Enterprises is suffering because he is unable to return to work. William Montgomery has a two-fold plan for his nephew which should get Zach back to work and walking down the aisle. Walking down the aisle? Yes! William Montgomery is a wealthy businessman who dabbles as the family matchmaker.

I'll Be There is the sixth book in Samantha Chase's Montgomery series. The characters and their journey set this book apart from the books in the series. I'll Be There examines what happens when a driven businessman and athlete is severely injured in a sports- related accident. Zach's journey takes him from denial, recovery and finally acceptance as he comes to terms with the fact that he almost died. The author offers a realistic portrayal of a bitter, independent man who doesn't want assistance from anyone until he accepts his situation and chooses recovery over self -pity.

The characters of Zach and Gabriella are multi-faceted and they are very different from the other characters in the series. Although the couple is attracted to each other, their path to romance has several surprising detours. Zach is a perfectionist, he's headstrong and very independent. He is a successful businessman and he loves the challenge of extreme sports in his spare time. Gabriella Martine is a no nonsense type of person. She's Zach's assistant and Gabriella "gets" him. She has worked with Zach and understands him better than most of his family members. Faced with losing his position in his company or accepting Gabriella's help, Zach chooses to work with Gabby. Samantha Chase has created a great heroine. Gabriella's past and her family life are brought to light during the story and it's important for the reader to understand how Gabriella's past has influenced her and plays a part in her choices.

Kudos to Samantha Chase for writing a well-paced look at the emotional and physical issues after a life threatening accident. Loved the mutual attraction between the characters and how it simmered slowly at the beginning of the novel. I'll Be There is a fabulous story of a determined man and the woman who loves him and has strength enough for both of them. I read this book in one day as I was invested in the characters and their story. And I am hoping to read another Montgomery book soon!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman
Review edited by Brian McGee - Thanks Brian!
ARC provided by Sourcebooks.


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