Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Wish by Robyn Carr Audio Version

One Wish
by Robyn Carr
Audio version

This is number 7 in the Thunder Point series.
Running time 9 hours 58 minutes.

I have listened to most of the books in this series.
I have been enjoying them all. But this one, One Wish,
is easily
my favorite. It's the best book I have listened
to in
a while. I love audible books. They are 
very convenient for me.

Grace is a florist in Thunder Point. She works hard and loves
 the work she does. She is also great with people.
A skill that is helping her build her business. Funny thing is,
no one in town knows where she came from. How she got
to be here. And no one seems to wonder about it. Grace fits
into this town wonderfully. She is happy and friendly.

Troy is a teacher at the high school in town. He has a
reputation. A good one. Troy is great with the students.
When he is not working at the school, he enjoys his time off.
He enjoys an active life. He has decided that Grace does
not have enough fun. Appointing himself her fun coach, they
slowly settle into a relationship. Getting to know each other and
have a lot of fun while they are at it.

Neither Grace or Troy are looking for a permanent relationship.
Graces past is full of drama and is very complicated. She is
happy to keep it all in the past. But we don't always get to
decide these things. While Graces past comes to the present,
Troy is realizing he is all in with their relationship. But maybe
it's more than he can handle. 

Can Grace open up and allow someone new into her life circus?
Can Troy welcome someone new permanently into his feelings,
future and plans?
Grace is asking for help.  Something she has never done. Troy is
the guy that is always glad to help. But he isn't sure he can 
manage this.

Robyn Carr is a wonderful story teller. They lend themselves
very well to audio form. Therese Plummer always does a
wonderful job with the narration. She manages very well
making each character distinct and recognizable. Without
sounding ridiculous. Not all narrators can do that.  
I recommend her and this story. 

Review by Lisa Hutson
I bought my audio copy from

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