Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Anything For You by Kristan Higgins - Audio Version

Anything For You
by Kristan Higgins

Anything For You is from the Blue Heron series.

Connor O'Rourke has been in love with Jessica Dunn
since they were 12 years old.
Connor has not had the easiest life. But really, he always
had his twin sister, Colleen. Their parents broke up.
Their mother did not take it well. Their dad started a
new family for himself.
Meanwhile, Jessica has been trying to survive. Taking care
 of her parents, herself and her little brother, Davey.
Davey suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Only Jessica
can take care of him. At least, that's what she thinks.  
She never asks for help from anyone. Never.

That is hard for Connor to accept. He is the guy that takes
care of the people around him. Especially the women.
Its always been his fondest wish to take care of Jessica.
But Jessica is determined to take care of herself and Davey.
She struggles and strives to reach her goals.
With her own personal life being her last concern.
The story runs over a long span of time. The way its written
draws you in. Closer to the characters. Into their relationships.
You will find yourself cheering when the good things happen for
everyone. Then, of course, crying when the bad things happen.
The Holland clan. The O'Rourkes. Everyone from Manningsport
is in this story. Oh gosh, just thinking about this story makes
me smile and tear up a little bit.
I have to add, I have read quite a few Kristan Higgins stories.
I have always liked them. I feel like her writing style is
changing. The last two stories of hers have felt different.
More and deeper emotion. The characters are interesting
and real. Even the ones that aren't so likable are important
and you want to know about them.
Amy Rubinate is a wonderful narrator for Kristans books.
I have not listened to her for a while and as soon as she
started talking, it reminded me how great she does.
Review by Lisa Hutson
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