Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Color of Joy- audio version

The Color of Joy
Audio Version

Book #8 in The Color of Heaven series.

 I have listened to all the stories of this series.
Each story defines the importance of every person
in a different way. Every story has a moment when
the reader will gasp in awe. When things start to
come together.
Every person is important to so many others in
so many ways. None of us ever knows how many
people we effect. But Julianne MacLean will remind
you to live your life the best you can. Because you
are making a difference to someone else.
 Any given day. Every little choice.
All the moments that make up our lives
make a difference in someone else's life.
Riley and Lois are happy and in love.
Parenting two small children
and excitedly expecting their third one.
Jenn and Jake are expecting their
first child. Also happily in love.

But the two couples are very different.
You will find yourself conflicted reading
this story. As the tale winds up, its hard
to believe all that has happened.
Its a story of faith, love, trust,
forgiveness and the wonder of life.

I have enjoyed the audio version of this entire 
series. Sarah Naughton, Graham Halstead
and Samara Naeymi are the narrators of
Color of Joy. They did a great job.
I like audio books and I thoroughly enjoy
when they have more than one telling
the story. It adds depth and feeling to it.
The stories all wind and connect together.
But they are easily stand alone reads. You will
not miss anything by picking any story from
the series to start with.
I bought my copy of Color of Joy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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