Friday, February 26, 2016

Katharine Ashe---The Rogue

I have read and enjoyed all of Katharine Ashe's Falcon Club books. I have waited for three years to read Lady Constance's story and it's FABULOUS!!

Ms. Ashe is known for creating intelligent , one-of - kind heroines, such as Lady Constance Read, and pairing them with honorable heroes!

Saint left the room, crossed the antechamber and reached for the door handle. The panel swung open and abruptly she was before him, her cheeks flushed and her lips parted. She had changed her hair and wore jewels about her bare neck now. The lamplight set them aglitter, like the candid blue of her eyes. She practically glowed. 

She was an heiress, a woman of beauty and wealth and rank who had in her youth engaged in a careless flirtation with an idiotically susceptible young man. She was no grand villain, No matter that he'd spent years avoiding this moment, now he saw only the soft, quick surprise of that girl with whom he had spent one forbidden fortnight, the girl he had not for one day in six years forgotten. 

Ms. Ashe’s is an excellent storyteller. Her deeply romantic writing style and attention to historical detail lend itself to this story as the reader becomes immediately immersed in the novel. I could visualize Haiknayes Castle and the six -pointed star carved over it's front door. I felt the couple’s desire for each other as each scene unfolded. And, I believed that I was watching Saint teaching Constance how to fence in Lord Read's ballroom. 

The author does an excellent job crafting the novel's heroine and hero. Lady Constance Read is an agent for the Falcon Club who has been tasked with solving the murders of two young woman who were murdered on the grounds of Haiknayes Castle. Saint is an honorable man, a soldier and a master swordsman who has been hired to teach Constance the art of self defense. The couple shared a passionate kiss six years ago that neither has forgotten. I wondered if this couple would be able to rekindle their relationship or if Saint would let her go. Constance learns to trust Saint and they are both pulled into the mystery of the missing women. Saint puts Constance's safety before his own and vows to protect her because he loves her unconditionally. 
The Rogue is an intricately woven story which combines the quest for the kidnapper’s identity with Saint and Constance’s love story. The novel has an original and very intriguing storyline and there were several clever plot twists and turns. The last one hundred pages are very suspenseful and the writing is superb. Each of the author’s words adds to the building tension within the novel and leads to its fabulous conclusion. 

If you are looking for a fabulous regency read, I recommend The Rogue!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman 
Edited by Brian McGee 
Graphics by Celeste and Avon 
Book purchased from Amazon by the reviewer.

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