Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie Moss

by Sophie Moss

I came across this story on my kindle. Do you ever
do that? Just see a story somewhere and feel drawn to
read it? Even if you don't know the author? Or have any
connection to it?
That's how this was. I have never read Sophie Moss.
But I felt like I just had to read it.
Thank goodness!

It has been a wonderful, heart touching, demanding,
real life, emotional story. The characters were
wildly diverse. And still, came together beautifully.
I could not wait from moment to moment to find
out what was going to happen.

Annie Malone is a single mom. She is not always
lovable. She has a lovely eight year old daughter,
Taylor. Taylor is in an emotionally fragile place.
Sometimes, Annie puts people off in the process of
protecting Taylor. But she is putting everything on the
line on Heron Island to make a new, safe,
comfortable life for the two of them.
Will Dozier is a Navy Seal trying to get
a hold of his own life. He grew up here on
Heron Island. But he has not been home for
10 years. He is being forced to be here to take
care of his grandparents homestead. And do it
in such a way that it stays true to their memory.

Taylor and Will have everything in common.
Even though she is an 8 year old girl and he is
a grown man and Navy Seal. The emotions everyone
in this story goes through are written so well. They will
all settle deep in your heart. You will picture
the diner and the beach. You will hear the wind
chimes. You will feel the children in their pure
happiness and then in desperate fear.
Its been some time since I read a story that has
touched me so much. There are no slow times. Its
not all hard. But it flows and moves along steady.
I really loved this story.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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