Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Secrets on the Sand by Roxanne St Claire

by Roxanne St Claire

This is Book One of the
Barefoot Bay Billionaires series.
The kindle version of this one is free.

Zeke (Ezekiel the Geekiel) Nicholas does
not recall his high school years fondly. Though
there was one good memory. One memory he has
held onto all these years. All the years he has spent
using his "geekiel" talents to become a billionaire.
Mandy (Mandy the Magnificent) Mitchell had a very
different high school experience. She was the popular
one. The girl everyone knew and wanted to be around.
Sadly, Mandy does not remember herself being
the nicest of people.
Turns out Mandy was nicer than she thinks.
Frankie Cardinale was a freshman at Mimosa High
back in Mandys time. Mandy was kind to her and
Frankie has never forgotten. Mandy was also very
nice to Zeke, which is the one good memory he
has from high school.
Then, cut to the time of the story. Mandys life has
taken a series of turns she did not see coming. Now, she
finds herself working as a maid in her hometown.
There are people from her school days that never want
her to forget how easy her Mimosa High time was.

Zeke finds himself staying at the Barefoot Bay resort that
Mandy works in. He cant believe his luck when she comes
to his villa door. Loaded with cleaning supplies. To him,
she is still the most beautiful, desireable woman he has
ever seen.
Mandy wants to earn a new better life for herself. She
wants to work and make it happen. She has plans for
her own cleaning business.
Both Zeke and Mandy know how it feels to be kicked
when you are down. They have issues with trust and
self confidence.
Kinda makes you think they would be the
perfect couple, doesn't it? Can she let down her guard?
Can money buy happiness?
This is one of my favorite story types. One is a good
person. Who is poor. One is a good person that's rich.
Roxanne St Claire has written a fun,

 romantic believable story. I enjoyed it.
And I look forward to the rest of the series.

I got my kindle copy from Amazon.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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