Friday, February 12, 2016

Life, Love and Babies Series by Samantha Chase

I loved each of the novellas in Samantha Chase’s Life, Love and Baby series. Each story has a sweet couple, an engaging story and can be finished in one sitting.

The Baby Arrangement
Kayleigh Mitchell agrees to help her boss Derek Sloan care for a baby that was dropped off at his office. I am not a huge fan of the office romance trope but this sweet story is quite heartwarming. The characters are likeable and the plot moves along at a good pace. Kayleigh and Derek bond as they care for baby Emery and learn what the word ‘family” truly means.

Baby, I’m Yours
Nikki and Josh’s story was my favorite of the three novellas. Nikki celebrates the end of her college education by going out to a bar with friends. She meets a handsome man named Tyler and has a one night stand with him. The fast paced story takes place three years later and the characters are well written. Samantha Chase has the knack for taking an often used storyline (in this case the “surprise baby’ dilemma) and making it her own by creating wonderful characters who are challenged to work through every day issues. I appreciated that the author portrayed Nikki as an independent woman and loving mother. I enjoyed reading the scenes when Josh (aka Tyler) recognizes Nikki and realizes that her daughter maybe his child. I wish this novella had been a full length story as both the main and secondary characters were well developed and the storyline touched each character.

Baby, Be Mine

Olivia had a huge crush on her brother’s best friend Jake in high school. She returns to her hometown for a month long vacation. Her brother Mike convinces her to help Jake care for his new born twins. Olivia’s vacation plans didn’t include babysitting but she agrees to help. Jake  and Olivia disagreed about everything at first and then learned to talk things through and work together. The story's ending surprised me and was perfect for this couple.

It's Valentines week and......

If you are in the mood for three sweet contemporary novellas—pick up these stories!

Reviewed By Susan Gorman 
ARC provided by Sourcebooks
Graphic from Samantha Chase


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