Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Barefoot Bay Billionaires books 2 & 3 combo review-Audio

Seduction on the Sand
Scandal on the Sand
Audio versions

Seduction on the Sand is book 2 in the
Barefoot Bay Billionaires series.
Elliott Becker is part of a group of billionaires that plan to build a
baseball stadium on Barefoot Bay. Its his simple job to convince
Frank Cardinale to sell his land for a large sum of money. That's it.
That's all Elliott has to do.
But then, Frank Cardinale turns out to be Francesca (Frankie).
She also turns out to be stubborn, determined and gorgeous. Not
exactly what Elliott planned for.
Frankie is the goat herd who owns the goat farm that Elliott needs
to accommodate the parking for his baseball stadium.
The fact that she is falling in love with Elliott does not sway
Frankies plans. She promised her grandpa to keep this land in
the family. She will never break that promise. Not even for the
love of a handsome and good man like Elliott.
The fact that Elliott is falling in love with her does not change
his plans. He has a job to do. He cannot let his friends down.
So he has to find a way to make everyone happy.
Can Frankie forgive? Will Elliott find a way to please everyone?
What is the most important to either of them?

Scandal on the Sand is book 3 of the
Barefoot Bay Billionaires series.

Nathaniel Ivory has the nickname "Naughty Nate". He has earned it.
But now, he is trying to make a better name for himself.
He does not want to keep embarrassing his family. 

About to take his turn at bat during a baseball game, he is pulled
to the side by Liza Lemanski. She is one determined woman. Liza
is only asking for Nates signature. No money. Nothing else from him.
Just sign away your parental rights. You will never see or hear from
us again. But of course, Nate is suspicious. Even if Liza weren't 
beautiful,  sexy and smart. He would still have to find out more.
Liza just wants to know that she can live her life. Caring
for her little boy in quiet peace. Nate only wants to end the kind
of life when he is constantly paying someone off. He wants his
own kind of easy life. 
 Its quite a mystery. Two different stories. Which one is the truth?
With a little boys future and Nates new reputation at stake, its vital
to find out the truth. So Liza and Nathaniel join forces to find
out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

There are three stories in this series. They all use the
same narrator, Kaleo Griffith. He does a fine job. Speaking
all the parts distinctly. I found him easy to listen to.

I bought these two stories from
Review done by Lisa Hutson. 

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