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Susan and Lisa review -- Waiting On You by Kristan HIggins

Kristan Higgins -- Waiting on You

I’ll admit-- I adore a second chance at romance novel. There’s something about a couple who falls deeply in love, breaks up and gets the opportunity for a do over that appeals to me. I read Kristan Higgin’s book Anything for You and figured out that Ms. Higgins had written a story for Connor’s twin sister Colleen. Waiting On You provides Lucas and Colleen a chance to see if they have what it takes to make a relationship work.

“What are you doing?” said a low voice behind her. 
Colleen’s heart froze, as though she swallowed a large ice cube, and it was stuck right over her heart. 
She turned around. 
Yep. Lucas Campbell. 
None other. 
Standing approximately two feet from her, looking at her with those dark knowing eyes. 
Her skin suddenly felt tight. Mouth: dry Brain: dead. 

Lucas Campbell broke Colleen O’Rourke’s heart ten years ago. He moved to Chicago, married and became a successful construction project manager. Colleen graduated college, returned home to Manningsport and opened a restaurant with her brother. Colleen is a harmless flirt who has played matchmaker to many of her friends but has not gotten over her first love.

Kristan Higgins is a fabulous storyteller. She provides enough back story in Waiting On You for the reader to grasp the intensity of Colleen and Lucas’s teen age romance and how tragic it was that a misunderstanding caused their break up. I liked that the novel was told using the dual narrative technique as it allowed the reader to understand each character’s point of view, their motivations and emotions. I wasn’t a big fan of Lucas at first. He kept something important from Colleen and he got married shortly after their break up. By providing his point of view, the author was able to provide the reasons for his behavior and what was behind his choices.

Colleen has a huge fear which stems from her parents break up. Her father left her mother for a younger, prettier woman. And Lucas left. He married a beautiful rich woman. Colleen doesn’t want anyone else to leave her and is unable to commit to anyone.

I have enjoyed reading each of the novels in the Blue Heron series. Kristan Higgins always delivers a heartfelt story with lots of humor, great dialogue and well thought out minor characters who play important roles in the novel. Colleen and Lucas’ love story is problematic—After 10 years can you go back to the way it was? – - Do you forgive and forget and move forward?-- Or has too much time and one too many secrets gotten in the way of the HEA? Loved the ending to this novel—it is not what I expected at all and its perfect!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman 
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Waiting On You

The Blue Heron series. Book 3

"Is your first love worth a second chance?"

Lucas Campbell & Colleen O'Rourke were the couple that
everyone knew would be forever. But it took just one bad night.
One bad conversation with regrettable words. And they were
over. But 10 years later, Lucas got the call. His dying uncle
needs him. So, Lucas finds himself back in Manningsport. 
Now, they have a second chance. The heat between them is
still there. As strong as ever.
But they both have a lot of forgiving and forgetting to do.

How bad do they want it? Both of them will have to
compromise and give a little. Can it work?
Amy Rubinate is a pretty well known narrator.
For good reason. She is terrific. Listening to
the story is just that much better because of her.

I bought my audio copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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