Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery

The Girls of Mischief Bay
Audio version

Book one of the Mischief Bay series.

This is the story of three friends. Each leading a
totally different sort of life. Still, they are always
there for each other. For the great and the
not so great times. 
Nicole owns an exercise spa. She also teaches

there. She is married to Eric and they have a
wonderful little boy named Tyler.
Pam is married to John. She has her ever present

puppy named Lou Lou and they have three
grown children.
Shannon is the over achieving workaholic of the
group. Engaged twice. But never married.
Pam, Nicole and Shannon live in a

sweet wonderful place called Mischief Bay.

Their lives take so many twists and turns in this
story. You never know quite where things are going.
Which, of course, keeps you wondering and interested
in these women's lives. In the end, I could not believe
all that happened. The ups and downs that had come
along. I really enjoyed the story. The roller coaster
of emotions, mine and the characters. It was
a wonderful read and I am looking forward to
the next one in the series.
The story is narrated by Tanya Eby. She is very

popular because she is excellent. She has a pleasant
tone and flow in her narration style.

When the doorbell rang. Lou-Lou barked with excitement and
raced toward the front of the house. Pam followed. Surprisingly
eager for her company. She opened the door and nearly
started to cry again. Nicole stood with a take out bag in one hand
and a roller bag suitcase handle in the other. Tyler had a Brad
the Dragon back pack over his shoulders. "Hi!", Nicole said.
"We decided we want to spend the night. I hope that's ok."
Pam opened her arms, Nicole stepped into her embrace and
hung on like she was never going to let go. Tyler grabbed Pam's
leg and hugged tight too. Pam breathed deeply for the first time
in days and thought maybe, just maybe, this night
was going to be easier.

Review by Lisa Hutson
I bought my copy of the audio version of
The Girls of Mischief Bay from

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