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I Kissed A Rogue By Shana Galen

Sir Brook Derring is England’s best investigator. By asking questions and using his observation skills, he has been able to apprehend many criminals. But will he be able to locate his former love Lady Lila, in time?

"The teacup rattled and liquid sloshed over the rim as Lennox set it roughly on the table. 'This isn't about me." He stood, rising to his full height, which was nearly equal to Brook's. 'I came because I thought you might be able to put aside the past, and because I hear you are the best."

'The best?"

'You found the missing Flynn boy and the daughter of the Marquess of Lyndon. if you won't do it for me, do it for Lila."
'What has she got to do with any of this?"
'She was abducted earlier this evening, just after midnight. My coachman and one outrider are dead. Another is hanging on by a thread."
Everything in Brook went very still then. The crackle of the fire behind him, the clip-clop of the horses pulling carts to market, the chime of the tall case clock in the corridor faded into the distance.
'Tell me the details."
Shana Galen begins her fast- paced novel with Lady Lila sitting on a basement floor trying to undo the rope which is tied around her hands. She’s been kidnapped and knows she needs to escape before she is killed. Lila frees herself and before she is able to escape she witnesses a murder. Sir Brook and his partner rescue Lila and their adventure begins. I loved the relationship between Brook and Lila. Brook Derring is a hero. He’s been knighted by the King and is sought after by all of the hostesses in London. Brook is not just the second son Lila heartlessly flirted with seven years ago, he’s a well-respected member of Society. In contrast, Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox has been away from society for several years visiting one relative and then other. Lila was not kind to her suitors when she made her debut. She collected men and made enemies with her peers. Lila has grown up as she spent several years nursing her mother who died. Lila is back in London to make a match.

I liked that the author presented an extremely agreeable hero and presented a heroine that was unlikeable at first glance. Shana Galen is known for her fabulous dialogue and the conversations between Brook and Lila showcase her ability to engage the reader in the story by having the characters banter back and forth. Brook doesn’t like Lila and wants nothing to do with her and it shows from the get go!

 Another hallmark of the author’s writing style is adventure and romance between the main characters. This novel begins with a kidnapping, several people are murdered and the sinister Beezle has vowed to recapture Lila. Even if he is not a part of the scenes, Beezle’s sinister presence is felt during the novel. The romance between the two main characters sizzles. I believe it’s the most sensuous novel that the author has written…and it works for these two characters who argue like cats and dogs but are very attracted to each other. The ending of the book was extremely suspenseful and had several unexpected surprises.

I enjoyed each one of Shana Galen’s Covent Garden Cubs books. In each book, the author’s writing style keeps getting better. Ms. Galen has created memorable characters and effortlessly mixes romance, suspense and snappy dialogue in each book. Lila and Brook’s story was my favorite. I feel that the author took some chances with a story with an unlikable heroine and I loved how she depicted how Brook cared for Lila. I am glad that this couple got their second chance at romance!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman 
ARC from Sourcebooks.

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