Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To Scotland with Love by Patience Griffin

To Scotland with Love

Caitriona MacLeod left Gandiegow-home- a long time ago.
When she left, she cut herself off from there. Now she is
realizing that she cut herself off from her career, her family,
her past. Cait finds that the husband she left all that behind
for was not worth it. He is dead, she is humiliated.
Now, Cait is out of there.
She buys a cottage site unseen and
shows up in Gandiegow surprise her gran. However, Gran is
not so quick to welcome Cait back into the fold.
Can Cait find a way to fit back in here?
 Gandiegow is a magical small fishing village on the shore in
Scotland. Everyone there, knows everyone. There is a
quilting society as large as the fishing society. There is also a
handsome successful popular actor. Graham Buchanan is also
from Gandiegow. He loves being able to live here between movies.
The real life he gets to lead there is what keeps him sane.
Graham is sure that Cait will make the perfect wife for his son,
Duncan. Duncan has a wonderful son, Mattie. But should he
be matchmaking for his grown son? Should he let Duncan
find his own match?

I wont go into the story line. But it is a moving tale. Filled with
love and community. Where people look out for each other.
People lean on each other for strength and warmth.
Their faith is strong, obvious and bold. They depend on it
as well as each other. They diligently pass on tradition and
history. As I read the story, I could see this place. Having 
grown up in a small town, I remember the feelings. The 
comfort you get knowing that you are never alone. You will
not face your trials by yourself. You will feel like you are
falling into Gandiegow as you read along.
I loved this story. As I read, I worried for some. I was excited

and happy for others. Frustrated and wanted to scold some.
The town and the story is as true life as can be.

Find a comfortable place to sit and visit Gandiegow, you
will be glad that you did.
 I bought my copy of To Scotland with Love.
Review by Lisa Hutson   

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