Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Once Upon a Dream by Mary Balogh/ Grace Burrowes

Once Upon A Dream
by Mary Balogh & Grace Burrowes

This is a two story book. The first story is
Another Dream by Mary Balogh.
Eleanors sister, Christine is married to the
Duke of Bewcastle. Christine is throwing a party
to celebrate his 40th birthday. So Eleanor is coming.
After all, Wulfric has always been kind and generous
with her. On the trip, a storm stops all travel.
Eleanor meets a young girl also waiting out the
storm at the inn. Georgette is the daughter of the
Earl of Staunton, Michael Benning.
Sometimes, being caught in a storm can
change a whole life. And Georgette is certain
she knows just how the lives should be changing.
Georgette, her brothers hand still clasped in
her own, paused at the top of the stairs before
proceeding to the room where their
nurse would be awaiting them. "Well?" she
asked him in an urgent whisper. "What did
you think?"
"You really believe she is the one,
Georgie?" he asked.
"Oh, I do, she said with passionate
conviction. "I really, really do, Robbie. Did you
notice her eyes? They seem to smile all the time."

The second story in this book is
The Duke of my Dreams by Grace Burrowes
Anne Faraday is wealthy but not titled.
Elias is the Duke of Sedgemere.
Elias has a nursery full of sons. He feels they
are in need of a mother. But he cant quite
admit that he is in need of a wife.

"I don't know her well, but I like her very much," 
Sedgemere said. "She hates me, you see. Has no marital
aspirations in my direction whatsoever. For that alone,
she enjoys my most sincere esteem." 

Fate brings them together enough that
Elias can only accept that Anne is the woman
for him. Especially when he sees how she is
with the boys.
This book is written by two  
amazing romance writers. And even though
the tales are rather short, there is a lot of story
in them. They are full of romance and fun.
It's not often that you get to catch up with
old family friends or hear about a duck orgy.
I am a fan of both authors and highly
recommend this book.
I bought this ebook from Amazon.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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