Monday, May 30, 2016

The Vow - Movie review

The Vow
A movie review

Released 2012
Starring Rachel McAdams &
Channing Tatum
This is a wonderful love story. A true love, love story.
Two crazy kids that were completely in love and then
the ''moment of impact''. An accident. Paige loses her
memory. Her husband, Leo is not ready to throw in the
towel. He will try anything to get their old life back.
I fall in love with love every time I watch this one.
Such a dreamy story. With complete devastation.
I feel like there are a few messages in this story.
Forgiveness. Family and how much family has to
be guarded. Be thankful for true friends.
But at the end, I always find myself thinking that
it's a story of meant to be. Truly meant to be.
A wonderful sincere concrete magical ending. 
I sincerely recommend this movie for a sweet
love story watch. But also, a movie that
will make you go 'hmmmm'.....
I enjoy taking time every so often to rewatch

an old favorite. This is one of mine.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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