Monday, June 13, 2016

Love and Friendship - Movie review

Love & Friendship
Movie Review

Released 3 June 2016
Running time is 92 minutes.
This is the kind of movie that is so very
rare. Funny. Romantic. Silly. Historical
times. Hollywood completely fails at this.
They could make them often and people
will go see them. The theater was packed.
They had the line ropes outside. Because of the crowds.
And there was every
age group. Couples. Seniors.
Teenagers!Seriously, teenagers! Why dont they have
more of these movies??

The lead female character is Lady Susan Vernon
played by Kate Beckinsale. She stirs up trouble
wherever she goes and yet, she has plenty of
friends. Men are attracted to her. Lady Susan
has no money, but that does not even slow
her down.
The only thing is I would have liked it to be
a little longer. There was plenty of story to
tell. Even saying that, it has a terrific ending.
I surely did not see it coming.
I recommend it to everyone. Couples will love it.
Its full of romance but only in the funniest way.
It is not sappy stuff. So even the men enjoy
the humor. I hope you will like it as much
as we did.

Review by Lisa Hutson

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