Monday, August 29, 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins - Movie Review

Florence Foster Jenkins
Movie Review

I had no idea this movie was based on a true story
before I went to see it. I have seen a number of
trailers for it and always missed that little tidbit.
Ok, so, she is a horrible singer. Really bad. Awful.
Painful to listen to.
The thing is, she loves music. From deep down inside
her soul, she loves music. I feel like God must have given
her that love without the talent for a reason. To test
others I think. Because that is the movie.
How Florence Foster Jenkins made so many other
lives so much better through her music.
It is a wonderful story. Love, learning, exploring,
trying, feelings, broader horizons.....
I recommend the movie if you are a music
lover and if you love a good love story.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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