Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer In Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

Cindy Kirk’s Summer in Good Hope is an engaging friends- to- lovers story set in Door County, Wisconsin. Prim Delaney has returned to her hometown of Good Hope to attend her sister Ami’s wedding where she becomes reacquainted with her former flame, Max Brody.

Prim reared back, feeling like a kid caught dipping into a cookie jar.
The college- age server wore tailored black pants, a crisp white shirt, a polite expression. He held out a silver tray filled with a dozen crystal flutes.
‘I’d love some.”
Before she could reach for a glass, Max confiscated two from the tray and handed one to her. As his knuckles brushed her fingers, she felt a jolt.
Static electricity, Prim told herself.

Still, as he watched her watching him, she felt oddly out of breath."

The instant attraction between Prim and Max immediately drew me into the story! Prim makes it clear to Max that she is not going to date until her six- year old twins are out of high school! Because Prim’s job as an actuary has been eliminated, she has moved from Milwaukee to Good Hope with  her boys to be close to her family and to make a fresh start. Ami overheard Prim telling Max about her dating policy and decides to play matchmaker. She nominates Prim to become a member of the Cherries, the town’s civic group. Prim finds herself working very closely with Max on the town’s annual Fourth of July Parade.

Deb Delaney is a fabulous secondary character. The conflict between Deb and Prim is apparent from the beginning of the novel. Deb was devoted to her son Rory, who had CF. She was very disappointed when Rory married Prim, his high school sweetheart. Deb implies that Prim is responsible for her son’s death because she didn’t hold Rory’s interest. Cindy Kirk presents the conflict between these characters in an honest way. The reader may not appreciate Deb’s behavior towards Prim but, the reader recognizes that Deb’s emotional state stems from her love for her son.

The romance between Max and Prim deepens as the annual Fourth of July parade approaches. Max and Prim have reservations about their feelings for each other. Max doesn't want to get hurt and Prim needs to let go of her husband's memory. Summer in Good Hope has a bit of suspense as well—there’s someone breaking into the neighborhood homes at night .The author does a fabulous job mixing the pace of the romance, the tension of the recent house break-ins, the Fourth of July festivities, and Deb’s interference. The conclusion to the book was beautifully written and perfect for this couple!

I loved the characters in this novel so much that I purchased Christmas in Good Hope, the first book in the series and read it in one sitting. Looking forward to the next Bloom sister‘s romance set in this wonderful small town!

 Reviewed By: Susan Gorman 
 ARC: Publisher

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