Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Heir by Grace Burrowes - Audio Version

The Heir
by Grace Burrowes
Audio Version
12 hours 22 minutes in length

I am a big fan of Grace Burrowes. I think she is brilliant,
generous and kind. She is also an amazing writer.
I have enjoyed every book I have read of hers.

Gayle Windham is the Earl of Windhaven. He has a lovely
housekeeper, Anna Seaton. Windham is trying to come to
terms with the fact that he must marry. But even more than
that, he is trying to make peace with his father. Windham
loves his father, but he wants to pick his own wife in his own
time. Without the interference of his father.

Anna is a competent housekeeper. She is well liked and
knows how to care for those in this household.
It happens slowly, Windham and Anna fall in love.
But there are secrets that make it impossible for
them to be together. Can they get through the past and
into a future together?
 "So tell me, how am I to court you if you won't stay in the same
room with me? How am I to persuade you to marry me if you
maneuver always to have others present when I am about?
You aren't playing fair, Anna."
As I said earlier, I have read a number of books by
Grace Burrowes. However, I was worried about listening 
to her. I love audible books. But I usually don't care for the
narrators performing historical romance.  Without a great
narrator, a wonderful story can be taken down hard.
But James Langton did a wonderful job! His accent is just
right. Not too much. He does a terrific job on all the different
characters. I am already head long into The Soldier. The next
book in this series. And enjoying Mr Langston again. 
I bought my audible copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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