Monday, August 1, 2016

The Lucky One - Movie review

The Lucky One
A Movie Review
Released in 2012
Starring Zac Efron &
Taylor Schilling

I read this story before going to see the movie.
It was my first and only Nicholas Sparks books.
I was not warned ahead of time that his stories are notorious
for their sad endings. Thankfully, the movie was not.
It was close to the book. But I preferred the movie.
Kind of a strange ending but happy.

I have never been a fan of Zac Efron, he is so pretty.
Its really hard to watch him. But he really did a fabulous
job on this one. A brooding, struggling Marine suffering
with ptsd. He is trying to find an angel he thinks saved
his life more than once on the battle field.
I have never seen Taylor Schilling in anything else.
She was perfect for this part. Her grandma is played by
Blythe Danner. Never much cared for her movies in
the past but she was perfect for this role and did a
great job.
Its a romantic movie with real actual hard, destructive,
scary, sad, emotional life. Because it winds up the
best possible way, you can only sigh.
Review by Lisa Hutson 

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