Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Swept Away by Robyn Carr - Audio version

Swept Away
by Robyn Carr
Audio version

Again, Robyn Carr. Fabulous author. I cannot even
imagine where all these characters, names, places &
storylines live in her head.
The heroine is Jennifer Chaise. She grew up with a very
unpredictable mother. Hand to mouth most of the time.
No place or anyone to count on. Jennifer took care of
her mother. As a grown up, she was determined that
she would not live like that ever again.

Swept Away is her story. It's how she made her way.
So she would never again be without or hungry or afraid.
Something Jennifer did not count on. The loneliness.
Feeling alone. Having no one else in the world to 
depend on. 
Perhaps most of us take it for granted. Having family,
friends, community, church, school, etc. To be
surrounded by people that we build relationships with.
It's a wonderful love story and you will be cheering
for Jennifer. When the story starts, you will be surprised
at that. But I promise you will.
Make time for this one. And if you are an audible story
fan, you are in luck. The narrator in this story is
Therese Plummer. She is a very popular story teller.
Because she does a great job.
This story was originally published as
Runaway Mistress.
I bought my copy of Swept Away from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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