Friday, January 6, 2017

The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride by Nancy Robards Thompson


With one last forward thrust, Chelsea tumbled inside. As she twisted to break her fall, the bathroom light flicked on. Chelsea screamed as she registered the huge man hulking in the threshold. 

Based on the racket he’d heard Ethan Campbell thought he might have cornered a couple of raccoons that had fallen down the chimney or gotten into Juliette Lowell’s house through an open window. The last thing he expected was to catch a tall, gorgeous blond breaking and entering.


The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride by Nancy Robards Thompson is a fast-paced, opposites attract romance set in the small town of Celebration, Texas. I love the Celebration series—the small town atmosphere, sense of community and unique characters appeal to me.

Lady Chelsea Ashford Alden has been betrayed by her boyfriend. He sold a very private tape of the couple and the ensuing scandal has forced her to leave Great Britain. Chelsea decides to visit her friend Juliette Lowell in Celebration, Texas until the scandal dies down. Ethan Campbell has put romance on the back burner and has focused on his ranch and horse breeding program since the death of his parents and his divorce. I emphasized with Chelsea’s predicament, felt compassion for Ethan’s decisions and enjoyed the instant attraction between the couple!

Ms. Thompson does a fabulous job with the dialogue in this novel. She is spot on with the British slang and verbiage that Chelsea uses in conversation. The conversations between Chelsea and Ethan are honest and at times very poignant. Loved how the author weaved the contemporary trends of the media’s obsession with royalty, cellphones, Facebook photo postings and the barn theme wedding trends into the storyline. These details added authenticity to the story. 

The conclusion to Ethan and Chelsea’s story is well paced and moving. I loved that when Chelsea’s big secret is revealed, the author stays true to her characters. That important choice made for a fabulous romantic read.

Reviewed by: Susan Gorman
ARC, Graphic images and video provide by the Author 
Photo of Celeste taken by Susan Gorman

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