Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Miracles by Mary Balogh

Christmas Miracles
by Mary Balogh

Christmas Miracles is a lovely book filled with
three short romantic stories staged during the
Christmas season.
Wassail Bowl
It was one big misunderstanding.
Haven't we all noticed how a misunderstanding
can grow so fast and before you know it, it seems
beyond repair? Not with a bit of a Christmas miracle.
The Bond Street Carolers
Two very stubborn adults. They would never have
even met if it weren't for the voice of a young boy.
When they both must compromise a little, they
discover a bit of a Christmas miracle for themselves.

Guarded by Angels
Do you believe in guardian angels?? I think most
of us have had something happen that makes us
wonder. This story is about just such an event.
It brings two people back together after a long
separation. In they end, they can only try
to thank their pair of angels.

 I bought my kindle copy from Amazon.
Review by Lisa Hutson


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