Saturday, February 18, 2017

Loving Lady Dervish by Heather Snow

Loving Lady Dervish
by Heather Snow

The heroes in the stories I read are mostly suave. Confident.
Not always of course. Sometimes they are shy. Maybe
a bit insecure. But almost never have they been
plagued with peer pressure. Peer pressure that leads
them to most regrettable behavior toward the heroine
in Loving Lady Dervish. The heroes name is
Lord Malcolm Gray. Now, Lord Gray has the large
challenge to overcome his past behavior. He needs
to make it right.
Lady Phoebe Anson has also had to overcome the
same behavior. The poor choices Lord Gray made also
stuck with Lady Phoebe. They altered the course of her life,
leaving her to struggle. To create a life that she wants from
the leftover rubble. She is on the cusp. She has made the
connections. She has it all set up. But then, her father
throws a monkey wrench in her plans. Leaving her to ask
a big favor of Malcolm Gray.
Heather Snow is brilliant. There is no question. But she
also can write. She creates wonderful, fun, interesting,
real characters and places for these characters to live.
The situations and lives are so true to life. The heroines
are not typical women of these times. They are strong
and knowledgeable. They are female with many layers.
I always enjoy reading Heather Snow because of the
uniqueness of her characters. Particularly, her female
characters. In this particular story, the hero is also
rather different. Not your typical Lord.
This is a novella. I believe around 113 pages.
You will never know it for all the story packed
into those pages.
If you have not read Heather Snow in the past,
this a wonderful story to get the feel of her
writing from. You will quickly see what I mean
about her wonderful writing.
 Review by Lisa Hutson

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