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Zero to Sixty by Marie Harte Spotlight Tour

Zero to Sixty by Marie Harte Spotlight Tour.


After her last disaster of a relationship, Ivy Stephens is content being single. She has her job, her apartment—and the cute little puppy she’s seen hanging around. When he escapes, she finds her search efforts aided by a big, burly, devastatingly handsome man. One who claims a prior claim on her dog.

Sam Hamilton is at loose ends since his best friend fell in love. He finds a sense of purpose in rescuing strays. The puppy who’s stolen his heart just happens to run into blond, beautiful Ivy. And Sam can’t help hoping she’ll take in one more stray—him—for good. 

Susan’s review of Marie Harte’s Zero to Sixty

Marie Harte’s Zero to Sixty is the third book in her Body Shop Bad Boys series and once again she delivers a steamy, sexy romance! This novel features massage therapist Ivy Stephens and mechanic Sam Hamilton. The couple bond over a stray dog that Ivy has named Cookie. Sam’s friends have been fostering the same dog, who is constantly running away. The dog slipped his collar and is loose, so Ivy and Sam team up to search for him. The couple finds Cookie and Sam asks if Ivy wants to adopt him. The couple agrees to meet the next night after work to talk about Cookie.

He cleared his throat. ’So I’ll call you.’ He rubbed the dog’s head, and Cookie looked like he’d gone off to heaven. ‘If you’re not busy tomorrow night, we could grab a beer or something. Talk about plans for Cookie.” Don’t you mean Scruffy?” she teased. ‘Nah. Cookie sounds much more respectable.” He stroked the dogs just as she reached in to do so and accidentally ran over her hand in the process. They both froze and he slip his hand away. She’d never been with a man so intense. Protective, dangerous, handsome. Sexy? Since when did Ivy go with the bad boy type?

I read Marie Harte’s novels because of their unique characters, clever dialogue and fast-paced plots. I was a bit surprised when the author paired career- oriented Ivy with Sam, the tattooed car mechanic. Their first date is a disaster. A few days later, Sam helps Ivy when she has car trouble. The couple bonds over Cookie, Sci -fi movies, tea and an unexpected kiss. The author creates excellent secondary characters. Foley and the crew at the car shop are Sam’s family and the intricate relationships add authenticity to the story. Ivy and Sam’s conversations were honest and heart breaking at times. Through the talks with Sam and his best friend Foley, the reader learns about Sam’s childhood and his relationship with his mother. Sam and Ivy are surprised by their intense and powerful attraction. Kudos to Marie Harte for Sam’s insistence for Ivy’s consent—and the importance of sexual consent—before they consummate their relationship.

The couple faces several challenges during the novel and the ending was perfect. I enjoyed the passion in Ivy and Sam’s story and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

ARC provided by the publisher

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, MARIE HARTE is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.



 They walked down the street and turned right. After a few more blocks they passed the middle school, heading toward the park bordered by Blaine Street. Despite the late hour, a few parents and children still played on the swings. Ivy felt a moment’s envy, that her own perfect family didn’t exist and likely never would. She should be glad, really. Imagine if Max had gotten her pregnant the way he’d wanted to when they’d first started dating? All those years supporting him through undergraduate school had been difficult enough. But with a baby on board? Then his leaving her high and dry for law school and that perky blond would have hurt a lot more. She should be glad to be strong and independent and single. Who the hell needed a man anyway? Someone shouted from the other side of the street, and she started. 

 “You okay?” Sam put a hand on her shoulder to keep her from tripping over her own feet. She felt safe next to his large presence. “Yeah, wasn’t paying attention.” Then, to prove she really didn’t need a man to protect her or stop her from being clumsy, she stepped away and called out for Cookie. By herself. They walked all around the park and deeper into the West Queen Anne neighborhood. Despite Sam still being a stranger, he seemed on the up and up. He called out for the dog. They walked near each other but not too close. She saw him watching her, but when she’d look at him, he appeared to make an effort to seem nonthreatening. Hands in pockets, keeping his distance. She found his actions comforting—and charming, oddly enough—because he didn’t seem to be trying to impress her. He’d sworn. Called her a hot chick, and he— “Sam.” She pointed to a small moving shadow near a house on the corner of 4th and Blaine. 

He nodded and raised his voice. “Scruffy. Come.” The shadow picked its head up and took a step in their direction. “Cookie, come here,” she added and made a few kissy sounds. “Come here, boy.” A tiny yip, and then the little guy was bounding toward them. Sam and she crouched low, so as not to threaten with their size. But Cookie didn’t seem to care. He went to Sam first, his tail wagging and his tongue licking everywhere he could reach. Ivy watched Sam’s stern demeanor melt into a smile that stole her breath. When he wasn’t looking so serious or tough, he was…beautiful. His smile reached his eyes, and the joy on his face was infectious.

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