Monday, February 6, 2017

Susan's Review of Be Mine in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

Be Mine In Good Hope is the perfect winter romance!

Cindy Kirk does a fabulous job introducing the characters in this fast-paced, character driven novel. Marigold Bloom arrives at her sister’s New Year’s Eve party and senses that a man that she met at a wedding a few months ago is nearby. Marigold smiles when she sees Sheriff Cade Rallis walking towards her. The powerful attraction between Marigold and Cade drew me into the story. I enjoyed reading the couple’s journey from lovers to friends. Be Mine In Good Hope is a fun, refreshing twist to the second chance story!

Marigold has returned home to Good Hope. She needs time to regroup after being fired from her job in Chicago. She tells her sisters, her father, friends and Cade throughout the novel that she is only staying in Good Hope temporarily. Marigold’s goal is to work as a stylist in New York or California. She wants to be successful in a large city; she’s not a small town girl. On the other hand, Cade worked for the Detroit police department before he arrived in Good Hope. He loves the small tight knit community of Good Hope so much that he has decided to run for the sheriff position.

The themes of loss and sense of belonging were important in the novel. Both Cade and Marigold have suffered losses. Marigold is still affected by her mother’s death and this drives her desire to be famous. A broken engagement haunts Cade and he realizes that he was to blame for the break up. Loved the scenes when the couple meets at the Friday Night Skate night and when they decide to date. Cade and Marigold are talked into running an afterschool first grade scouting group. Their first meeting doesn’t go as planned and it was fabulous to read how they decided to work together to help their group successful. The author does a fabulous job weaving the members of the Bloom family throughout this novel. The conversations between the sisters are humorous, honest and poignant!

The couple’s relationship becomes more serious as the annual Valentines dance approaches. Cade loves Marigold but, he realizes that her dreams and his are different. The couple suffers a serious setback during the dance. The conclusion to the story surprised me—but was absolutely perfect for the couple.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman
ARC form the publisher--thank you! 
Photo of Celeste taken by Susan Gorman

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