Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos
Movie Review
A wonderful romantic beautiful movie.
I was not able to see it when it was in the
theaters. Dreadful. I am sure it must have
been extraordinary to see on the big screen.
Starring Kate Winslet. A wonderful actress.
There are several more terrific actors showing
off the great character writing. 
And then, there is the amazing Alan Rickman.
I believe I read somewhere that this was his
last real work. What a way to go out.

Mr Rickman will of course, always be the mysterious
Snape from the Harry Potter movies. But here, in
A Little Chaos, he is a lost king with a strong
romantic side. Oh such a well written character.
The whole movie is full of them.
I believe you can pay to rent or you can buy
 this on Amazon. I borrowed a copy from my library.
However you can make it happen, I heartily
recommend it.
Love wins in the end. The romance is abundant,
of course. The scenes and background are
marvelous! Lavishly shot and a story well told.
Review by Lisa Hutson


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