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Starlight Bridge by Debbie Mason

Author: Debbie Mason Series: Harmony Harbor, #2 
On Sale: February 28, 2017 
Publisher: Forever Mass Market: $7.99 USD eBook: $5.99 USD 
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A second chance for romance...

Hidden in Graystone Manor is a book containing all the dark secrets of Harmony Harbor, and Ava DiRossi is determined to find it. No one—especially not her ex-husband, Griffin Gallagher—can ever discover what really tore her life apart all those years ago. With Griffin back in town, it's more important than ever that she find the book before someone else does. Because her ex is still angry with her for leaving him. And he still has no idea Ava never stopped loving him...

Ava is no longer the vibrant, happy woman Griffin had once loved and married, and he would do anything to bring back the sparkle to her brilliant green eyes. But what's never changed are the sexy sparks of attraction between Ava and Griffin, and he won't give her up again without a fight. He knows there's the real possibility of a future together...if the truth doesn't burn the bridge between them forever.



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Debbie Mason is the USA Today bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado and Harmony Harbor series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, three wonderful children, two adorable grandbabies, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella in Ontario, Canada.

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Starlight Bridge is a compassionate second chance at love romance. The novel is set at Greystone Manor which is located in Harmony Harbor, a coastal suburb north of Boston. Debbie Mason writes an amazing, heartwarming love story for Ava DiRossi and Ethan Gallagher.

Ava DiRossi and the members of the Harmony Harbor Widows Club learn that the late Colleen Gallagher wrote a book about her life and her secrets. Harmony Harbor is a small town where everyone knows everybody’s business. As the owner of Greystone Manor, Colleen knew many of the locals and more secrets than anyone else. And Colleen’s book is hidden somewhere at Greystone Manor. Ava DiRossi confided in Colleen many years ago. Ava’s secret is deeply personal and if it was revealed could cause much heartache.

Ethan Gallagher and several of his relatives travel to Greystone Manor because they need to decide the fate of Greystone Manor. Should they sell the property to a developer or try to restore the building and family business? Ava , who is working as a maid at the Manor, is searching for the missing book in her ex-husband Ethan’s room when she hears his voice. Loved the scene when Ethan finds Ava, it was very well done!

Ava and Ethan’s feelings towards each other are very strong. Their attraction drew me into the story. They loved each other. I wondered what caused Ava to leave her marriage and nursing school. Why didn’t they fight for their marriage? What did Collen know about Ava? These questions intrigued me and kept me reading the novel past my bedtime.

Debbie Mason has written a well-paced emotional novel that touches upon several topics that are important in a marriage, trust and communication. The author does a fabulous job with continuing the feud between the DiRossi and Gallagher families and having Colleen’s ghost appear throughout the novel. The conclusion to the story holds several surprises—I enjoyed being surprised! Kudos to Debbie Mason for a fabulous story. And, yes the ending made me cry!

Looking forward to the next book in the series!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman
ARC provided by the publisher

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She sensed Griffin rising to his feet and heard him placing his mug on the desk. And then he was there, crouched in front of her. He took her mug, setting it on the floor before he gently smoothed the rough pads of his fingers over her cheek. “You know it kills me to see you cry.” “Still?” she murmured without looking at him. “Yeah, looks like,” he said, sounding as though the admission cost him. 

A tiny flicker of hope ignited inside her. She smothered it, unwilling to put herself in the position of being disappointed. She didn’t think her heart could withstand another blow today. “I know you did more than smooth the way for my father, Griffin. I don’t believe Gino’s monthly pension checks and insurance will come close to covering the cost. I need to know what I owe you. I doubt I can pay it all at once though, so maybe we could come up with a monthly payment plan?” 

At her suggestion, a muscle pulsed in his clenched jaw, and his eyes narrowed. She was familiar with that look. It didn’t bode well for her repayment plan. And maybe because of that small hope that refused to be denied, she raised her hand to trace his stubbled jaw with her finger. 

"You know that look always annoyed me,” she said, thinking back to how long it had been since she’d touched him this way. “Yeah, and you always knew how to get rid of it. Never could hold out against you for long.” His eyes darkened as though remembering their standoffs always ended in bed.

 “What are we doing?” she whispered, the heat in his eyes weakening her resolve. She had to know if it was just her imagination. She’d deal with the consequences later. “I—” The study door swung open, and her cousin rushed in. “Ava, are—Oh, I…” Sophie’s gaze moved from Griffin to Ava. “Am I interrupting?” Griffin rose to his feet, and Ava didn’t know if it was relief or regret she saw on his face. He glanced at his watch. “I better get going. I have to meet up with Sully.” 

Ah, so it had been relief after all, she thought, fighting to keep the disappointment from showing on her face. Sophie smiled, stepping in front of Griffin as he walked to the door. “Welcome home,” she said, giving him a hug. “We’re so glad you took the job.” 

“Job?” Ava asked, and there it was again, hope. Only this time it came out in her voice. Griffin turned with his hand on the doorknob. “Sully offered me a job with the Coast Guard. Thought it was about time I came home.” He held her gaze. “We’ll talk later. If you need me, call.” Sophie stared at her, openmouthed. “He…You.” Sophie found her voice and looked from the door to Ava. “

What did I just interrupt?” “I’m not sure,” she murmured, glad she was sitting, otherwise her legs might have given out.

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