Thursday, March 2, 2017

Susan's Review of Perfect For You by Candis Terry

Candis Terry is one of my favorite authors. I love her unique characters, their families and the small town atmosphere she creates in each of her series. Perfect for You is Ms. Terry’s new novel and it's a modern, fast- paced twist on the office romance.

“And yet, somewhere along the way, Brooke had become much more than an employee. She’d become an essential part of the reason he got up every morning and came to work. Over the past few weeks, when he wasn’t looking, she’d escalated to being everything he’d ever wanted but could never have.’

Investment advisor Declan Kincade and Brooke Hastings , his executive assistant, are featured in Perfect for You. The Kincade family members are dealing with the unexpected death of their parents. Declan feels he needs to return to Sunshine Vineyard to support his family and to help them sort through the family vineyard’s financial situation. He is torn between his work and family obligations. Brooke suggests that she and Dec visit his family together. She will keep him on task with regard to his business while he works with his brothers and sisters to figure out the vineyard’s financial situation.

I loved the road trip piece of the novel! The attraction between the couple sizzled from the minute Dec pulled up to Brooke’s driveway and this drew me into the story, Declan is surprised to see Brooke in casual clothes and that her puppy is going on the trip with them. I enjoyed reading the scenes where Brooke encourages Dec to slow down and enjoy the trip—to have fun. Their 15 -hour trip made me laugh especially when Brooke tempted health conscious Declan to try junk food and convinced Dec to take the scenic route to his family’s home. I admired Brooke’s devotion to Dec and her desire to have him slow down and enjoy life… and the way she went about it!

It took me a while to warm up to Declan. He was so stubborn; so work oriented and couldn’t see what was in front of him! I felt he played the ‘I am your boss” card with Brooke whenever things got a little too much for him. The author did a great job navigating the complicated romance between these characters. Candis Terry writes fabulous heroes. She is able to give the reader understanding into their thoughts and actions through the conversations between the characters. The conversations between Declan and his brothers helped me understand Declan’s perspective.

Candis Terry delivers a superlative passionate romance and she weaves in several secondary stories into the plot. I am interested to find out what happened to the vineyard. Was Mr. Kincade blackmailed? Did he gamble? And what exactly does Aunt Pippy know? The characters have hard choices to make as their story unfolds. Declan and Brooke’s journey is filled with emotion, lots of humor and love. The conclusion to the novel has several unexpected surprises and was perfect for the couple! Looking forward to the next book in this series!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman 
ARC provided by the publisher 
Graphics provided by the author

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