Friday, March 3, 2017

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie - Audio version

Bet Me
Audio version
by Jennifer Crusie

I had never read Jennifer Crusie. I have seen her books
around many times. They always looked good. I think
 I found this one on sale and decided to try it.
Well whoopee do!!! Goodie for me! It was terrific.
Deanna Hurst is the narrator. She did a marvelous job!
When I saw that the book was 12 hours long, I was torn.
Between feeling like I was getting a lot for my money
and worried that I would never finish it. But it flies by.
Deanna has to manage a load of characters and make
each one distinct. She does just that.
I wont try to explain anything of the story except
you can imagine there is a bet. Oh is there ever a bet.
But if you ask Cal Morrisey, he will tell you, loudly,
"I never made the bet!"
Its a story of one mistake, one misunderstanding,
one case of lust and many, many, many donuts.
I have not had so much fun listening to a story
in a long time. It's such a fun case of falling in love.
Deep, true, strong love. Everlasting.
Minerva and Cal are only two of the fabulous
characters that Jennifer Crusie has written.
You will get your moneys worth with this one.
And you will laugh til your sides hurt.
I bet you will love it.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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