Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First Star I See Tonight - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

First Star I See Tonight
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

A couple years ago, purely by chance, I heard that a
writer I had heard of, but never read, was making an
appearance at a book store, a ways from me. I had not 
lived here very long and not familiar with the area at all.
I called one of the few friends I had made at the time.
And we went to see Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
She was hilarious. A fabulous person to go see and I 
highly recommend you do the same if you ever have
the chance.
You will then know the person that writes these books!
Fabulous characters. So much to visualize as you read!
But not so much detail that it's boring. I found myself
so deep into the story that I thought I must surely be
living in that neighborhood, that apartment building,
that city. I could see The Spiral in my head as I read.
Piper Dove is an interesting one of a kind woman with
no fear. Well, she might be afraid of one thing. But it
surely is not men or hard work.
Cooper Graham has 'the' life. A successful popular
athlete who retired at the top of his game. Now, men
and women alike line up for the chance to talk with him
or get into his nightclub, The Spiral.
Coop has never met a woman like Piper. She has no concern
for his fame or fortune. Piper just needs a job and the chance
to do it well. To build a clientele and reputation in the business.
First Star I See Tonight is wonderful. Full of feelings and friends.
When it
comes right down to it, Coop needs to be tougher and stronger
 than ever before in his life. Piper has to be more brave and trusting than
she has ever been.  
Can they do it? They each will have to follow a path they did
not want and courageously give over if they really
wish to have the love of a lifetime. But can they do it??
I bought this book used from my library.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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