Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saving Mr Banks - Movie Review

Saving Mr Banks
Movie Review

Saving Mr Banks is not a romance story. But it is
interesting and full of emotion. It also has a
wonderful ending. Which I find is my top reason
for reading romantic stories.
I was so torn about seeing this movie. If it is bad
or I am disappointed in it, I cannot unsee it, can I?
In the end, I am thrilled to have seen it. I own it
and watch it regularly. I really thought it was going
to be all about Walt Disney. But it is not really. Nor
is it really all about Mary Poppins. What it really is,
is impossible to explain without giving it all away.
Probably your library will have it. I don't believe
it is on Netflix or anyplace like that.
But I can tell you, likely it will be a big
surprise and perhaps you will want to buy
a copy for yourself.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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