Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Space in his Heart by Roxanne St Claire

Space in his Heart
by Roxanne St Claire
Commander Deke Stockard has a job to do. Check over
every square inch, every little tiny spot of the next
space shuttle launch. Every detail. Peoples lives depend
on his job. But something isn't just right. Reports, detailed
descriptions aren't exactly as they should be. Deke needs
to find out why.
Then, Jessica Marlowe arrives. She has a job too. Her career
depends on this advertising campaign going smoothly.
She is charged with making America fall in love with the
space program again. She knows next to nothing about space
travel. But she knows what sells. Sex. Sex sells.
Deke Stockard is the new sexy face of the space program.

The biggest road block so far, Deke. He has absolutely
no interest or intention of being the sexy face of anything.
He has to solve the mysterious entries and orders that
make no sense. There is something going on.
It soon becomes obvious that he can use Jessicas help.
And she needs him to cooperate. Soon, they cant keep
their hands off each other. And time is running out for
the shuttle. Now, Deke is manning the next flight out.
They have to help each other, using everything they
can think of to solve the mystery.

Space in His Heart is a wonderful love story that
will get you excited again. And not just excited
about romance. We have to hope that Jessica
and Deke can figure it out. We have to hope that the
shuttle will make it back in one piece. We have to
hope that two very stubborn people can let go
and love.
This is one of Roxanne St Claires older stories.
But I enjoyed it. And I hope you will too.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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