Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What We Find by Robyn Carr

What We Find
by Robyn Carr

 Not all wonderful stories, movies or writers can make us cry.
Sometimes, it's the readers mood of the day. Or maybe it's just the
writers style. Sometimes, I don't feel the emotion
because the writers style just does not find that in me.
But this one, this writer, this story, they will find it in you.
They will find it all in you.
Maggie is an amazing neurosurgeon. She finds herself burning
out. In need of a break and her father runs a campground.
The perfect place to refuel. Maggie has been there long 
enough to figure it out. She knows what she wants.
She wants it all. As she drove into the parking lot at her
fathers place, she came upon a mess. Picnic tables turned over.
A collapsed tent. A smashed up police cruiser. And people
standing up on the porch staring, telling her to stay in her car.

"There, in the grassy area between the store and the campsites,
the bull was grazing lazily. But it was very clear that before he
settled down to lunch, he'd scared everyone half to death.
She looked a the ceiling of her car. "When I said all, I
wasn't counting on this!"

I won't tell you the rest of that story, but it isn't the most
unusual part of this book. And at least, it isn't a spoiler.

Cal is a drifter just biding his time til the weather improves
enough to get hiking. He is helping out, glad to pay his
own way. And a total mystery. Even his name is a fun mystery.

I have read a number of Robyn Carr books. They are always
a pleasure. Just as this one has been. There is always a lot
of story in each book. Romance. Action (see bull excerpt above).
Family is often a big part. And community. I hope you will
find the time to enjoy this one.
What We Find is
book one of the Sullivans Crossing series.

My mom gave me this copy of What We Find.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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