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Barefoot at Moonrise by Roxanne St Claire (Edited review)

Barefoot at Moonrise
by Roxanne St Claire

This is book two of the Timeless series.
What a great idea for a series of grown ups falling
in love. Really, love stories are wonderful. But when
they are in my age group. They have been around
the block. They know whats what. And they know about
falling in love.
So Beth Endicott grew up on the right side of the tracks.
In a well off family. With a very domineering father.
As a result, Beth has made her own way. Started her
own business and is making it successful herself. Not the
easy way. None of her adult life has been the easy way.
Not since high school when her boyfriend broke up with
her using cruel words and blame . Then an unhappy marriage.
A harsh miscarriage. The horrible divorce.
And now, she is at her high school reunion.
Ken Cavanaugh is the boyfriend that destroyed Beth in high
school with his horrible break up. His beloved father was killed
at a construction site owned by Beths father. Ken has spent his
life blaming Mr Cavanaugh. He has not been about to let go of
the hatred. While he is satisfied with his life as a fireman and
paramedic, he knows he is missing something. That family
life. Then he sees Beth at the high school reunion. It's his
chance to apologize to her. For the terrible way her treated
her back then. But it only takes a short second to realize he is
still in love with her.
"She looked away and gnawed on her lower
lip. "I have....baggage," she finally said.
"Who doesn't? At our age, if we didn't
have baggage, we wouldn't have lived. We
can unpack it together."
Can they get over the past? Beth is Miss Independent. Beths father and
first husband taught her to never let anyone have any power over her
life or feelings. Can they get past all the hate and secrets? Can Beth let
herself love again? How can they have a relationship if Ken
can't be in the same room with her father?
"...spotted a pair of red and white high heels
tucked by the stairs the led to the sand.
He couldn't help smiling, because, hell,
this was better than Cinderella.
All he had to do was follow the footprints
in the sand."

I liked this story from the beginning. But at 23%, I fell
head over heels in love with it. Its not unusual for me
to weep a little here and there during a good love story.
But it is unusual for me to be surprised. It is unusual for
me to laugh out loud as I am crying. And it is very
unusual for me to finish a book in just over one day.
I highly recommend Barefoot at Moonrise. It caught
me completely off guard. I have enjoyed reading
Roxanne St Claire before. I loved book one of this
series. But I did not expect the deep feelings this
story caught up in me.
I am adding to my original review as I just finished
listening to Barefoot at Moonrise in audio form.
Oh my gosh, fabulous. I truly loved this story.
Easily my favorite Roxanne St Claire story. Period.
And it is wonderful either way. Reading or listening!
The narrator is wonderful. His name is BJ Harrison.
I prefer male narration in romance stories.
I highly recommend giving this one a try.
Completely enjoyed listening to this story after I
loved reading it so much too.
I was given my copy of this book in exchange
for an honest review.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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