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Barefoot at Sunset by Roxanne St Claire - Kindle and Audio (Edited review)

Barefoot at Sunset
by Roxanne St Claire
Kindle and Audio versions

Being a woman in her 50s and a lover of
romance reading, I have wondered before.....
Why are all of the couples so young!? Love just out
of college is fine and all. But what about the rest of us?
Roxanne St Claire has written just the story for us.
This is the first in her new Timeless series.
Emma DeWitt has been stood up at the alter by her
boss. Typical story, right? Only Emma is in advertising
and she is the best thing that company has. She doesn't
know it though. Her confidence at an all time low, she decides
to go to the resort they were supposed to honeymoon at.
Of course, it is a disastrous idea.
Mark Soloman went to high school at Mimosa High School.
So many great memories. Overshadowed by so many
heartwrenching memories. Mark is back on the island for his
high school class reunion. He was widowed 16 years ago.
The love of his life, Julia and Mark were high school
sweethearts. And he cannot imagine why he is back here.
Mark has felt these 16 years that Julia sends him messages.
He feels like her spirit helps direct him.

I absolutely love the idea of romance reading with silver
foxes starring. The two of the them have life experience.
Not just him. But her too. They know more, have seen
more. Have different fears. And they have different ways
of dealing with these fears.
Mark Soloman has a brilliant way of dealing with fear.
This story was fun and hopeful and oh my goodness,
so so so romantic. Grown up romance. Not puppy love.

I am looking forward to the rest of the series.
Being my age, I can't think how someone in her 20s
would get this book. It's romance after all. I have
loved reading young romance all these years. So 
why wouldn't they?  But when we are young,
we are quite often less tolerant of things
sometimes, so I dont know. But I believe there is a
big group of hungry readers looking for this kind
of story. I highly recommend it.

I have just finished listening to this story
in its audio version. The narrator was new to me.
So I am ever suspicious. His name, yes it is a him.
Thank goodness. I am rather partial to male narration
with romance stories. His name is BJ Harrison. So first
off, I am not sure, male or female. But it was not long
into the story that I realized it was all ok. The story
I loved was in good hands. He did a great job.
If you are a fan of audiobooks or if you want to
give one a try, I recommend this one.
I enjoyed it very much.

I bought my copy from Amazon.
Review by Lisa Hutson


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