Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Luke by Emily March - Audible version

by Emily March
Audible Version

Book one of the Brazos Bend series.
Maddie has had more than her share of trouble in her
time. She found Brazos Bend. Just the place to settle
down. Have a calm business. Do her work and make
friends. Make a life.
How in the world can things go so bad so fast?
Luke was all ready the yearly fishing trip with his
brothers. He looks forward to it and nothing,
absolutely nothing will keep him from this
annual family bonding time.
How in the world can things go so bad so fast?
Luke finds a strange woman with a strange story
on his boat. She was looking to find someone.
But she found herself in the wrong place at the
wrong time. Luke is going fishing. Meeting his
brothers. He is not, not going to Brazos Bend.
What is that saying about life being what happens
while you make plans? So much for their plans.
Can Maddie find a way out of the unwitting mess
she is in? Can she do it alone? Because Luke is
determined not to help her. Can Luke go fishing
knowing there is someone that could probably
help? Someone in need of help?
Narration is done by Jeffrey Kafer. This is a high
action romantic story, well done by a mans voice.
Jeffrey Kafer has a deep mans voice and style that
perfectly suits this kind of story. I think he did
a terrific job.
Luke runs just over 9 hours long. And there
wasn't a boring moment in the whole thing.
I will continue on with the series. There are
more brothers after all.
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Review by Lisa Hutson

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  1. Great review! I just finished an Emily March book. And I have my name on the list at the library for Angels Rest. My mom is reading this series and says its terrific.


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