Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Elli - A Second Chance Novel by tina desalvo

True love is not scared away.

Elli - A Second Chance Novel by tina desalvo

"Ben, are you sure you understand what you get with me?"

The thing is, Elli still doesn't get that she is not just a cancer survivor.

There so much more to her.

Ben knows it.

Of course, Ben has his own issues. They both start out in desperate places with their lives out of control. It was a forced meeting. And they each had closed up their hearts. No interest. But of course, love.....

What a great story.

I really enjoyed the fun, the crazy characters and the location, (it is set in New Orleans at Mardi Gras). Who doesn't love NOLA?

Dogs, gators, mystery, drama, crazy family, friends and belly laughs, make this a quirky wonderful read.

Really great development of characters throughout the whole story. 

I enjoyed Elli, I learned to like Ben, and I loved Joey. The story made me want to have Tante Izzy and her whole crew living in my neighborhood. More laughs, more fun, and more books by Tina DeSalvo.

It's a really lovely, quirky love story. 

All proceeds of the sale of Elli are donated to the fight against breast cancer.

Reviewed by Lisa Hutson


  1. Great review, looks like one to check out. Love the Basset on the cover!

    1. opps make that the Bloodhound on the cover.

    2. Whatever it is, its a cuter cover because he is there. :-) Thanks Karen.

  2. Great review Lisa!
    Elli is on my to be read list!

    1. Thank you, Susan. I look forward to hearing what you think. Its not a typical survivor story at all. Its a love story.

  3. Lovely review Lisa, sounds like a must read. Love the authors website too. Thank you, for bringing Elli to our attention.

  4. Great review, Lisa. I love that she's donating to cancer research.

    1. Me too, Shana.
      Thanks, I had a lot of help with it. :-)


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